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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Unboxing: GOT7 Moriagatteyo Goods

After weeks of quite a long wait since I was not able to join the meet up help, I finally receive the GOT7 goods bought from Donna (@defjbeat in Twitter) and am sorry excited since this is going to be my first set of goods aside from 2 albums bought plus Japanese released items are usually special then Korean released ones. This includes 2 trading cards, Mark keychain, Junior Uchiwa fan and the Moriagatteyo Regular edition album.

Once opened, the Junior Uchiwa fan is the first item I saw and so sad to see that the top part of it was bent; seems like the fan was tried to be folded. Feel really bad seeing the crease on the fan which is really obvious plus the material won’t get back on the same form even if I tried to put some bit heavy object to straighten it out.  

Though the fan design is really cute and it is surely large than most fan seen on the market (PS this is the first time I saw an unchiwa!).

Junior Uchiwa Fan 
 Next to be opened is the plastic bag which hold the remaining items. 

To my surprise, the trading card is really big which is almost the same size (or bigger) than a postcard. The back design of the cards is same as the fan – black background with Got7 name’s in bright colors. 

Back of Trading Card
The two card consist of a group and a Bambam card in kissing design which is cute though I wanted a Mark and a Junior card. Well, hope I can trade these with the other members. Got lucky that the cards were in good condition even only wrapped by the plastic bag.

Bambam Trading Card

GOT7 Group Trading Card

Lastly is the album. It was opened to get the stub for the fan meet then was put back in the same plastic card. However there’s this noticeable crack at the back of the jewel case. 

The reason I bought the album is I really like the new songs Angel and Stay (listened to YouTube..hehe!). I even think twice buying even the normal version due to budget that time yet still end up with the album. Too bad, it include the Hi touch card and not the special version… sigh!

But really sad how the items as received – no bubble wrap to keep the items safe which I think is the reason for crack on album case and bent on the fan plus the keychain was not included (sobs). It’s understandable that the pre-order was a gesture for those who wanted the Japanese items since it is hard to get them plus to aide for the eligibility to enter the fan sign, to which I am thankful for, though still wishing everything’s in good condition.

**Note: I contacted Donna regarding the missing key chain. I was offered a replacement from the Flight Log concert in japan but sadly, I already ordered one so will be refunded for it. Too bad, the key chain is really cute.

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