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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Unboxing: GOT7 Moriagatteyo Goods

After weeks of quite a long wait since I was not able to join the meet up help, I finally receive the GOT7 goods bought from Donna (@defjbeat in Twitter) and am sorry excited since this is going to be my first set of goods aside from 2 albums bought plus Japanese released items are usually special then Korean released ones. This includes 2 trading cards, Mark keychain, Junior Uchiwa fan and the Moriagatteyo Regular edition album.

Once opened, the Junior Uchiwa fan is the first item I saw and so sad to see that the top part of it was bent; seems like the fan was tried to be folded. Feel really bad seeing the crease on the fan which is really obvious plus the material won’t get back on the same form even if I tried to put some bit heavy object to straighten it out.  

Though the fan design is really cute and it is surely large than most fan seen on the market (PS this is the first time I saw an unchiwa!).

Junior Uchiwa Fan 
 Next to be opened is the plastic bag which hold the remaining items. 

To my surprise, the trading card is really big which is almost the same size (or bigger) than a postcard. The back design of the cards is same as the fan – black background with Got7 name’s in bright colors. 

Back of Trading Card
The two card consist of a group and a Bambam card in kissing design which is cute though I wanted a Mark and a Junior card. Well, hope I can trade these with the other members. Got lucky that the cards were in good condition even only wrapped by the plastic bag.

Bambam Trading Card

GOT7 Group Trading Card

Lastly is the album. It was opened to get the stub for the fan meet then was put back in the same plastic card. However there’s this noticeable crack at the back of the jewel case. 

The reason I bought the album is I really like the new songs Angel and Stay (listened to YouTube..hehe!). I even think twice buying even the normal version due to budget that time yet still end up with the album. Too bad, it include the Hi touch card and not the special version… sigh!

But really sad how the items as received – no bubble wrap to keep the items safe which I think is the reason for crack on album case and bent on the fan plus the keychain was not included (sobs). It’s understandable that the pre-order was a gesture for those who wanted the Japanese items since it is hard to get them plus to aide for the eligibility to enter the fan sign, to which I am thankful for, though still wishing everything’s in good condition.

**Note: I contacted Donna regarding the missing key chain. I was offered a replacement from the Flight Log concert in japan but sadly, I already ordered one so will be refunded for it. Too bad, the key chain is really cute.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Unboxing: VIXX Depend On Me Album

This so quick! I did pre-order the Depend On Me album from HMV and it was delivered to PH in just a couple of days! hough there’s a delay once it reached the local post as the post office was open only on Tuesdays and Thursday (*sigh*) yet still it took only a week – faster than my usual order which often took more than 2-3 weeks.

This is my 1st time to order via HMV and I pretty much impressed how the good was packed and very detailed including a printed receipt from them (is this a standard process for orders from Japan?) plus quick delivery. Well, I won’t hesitate to order from them again.

I’m pretty excited to open the package to check who will be on the freebie card (hoping it will be Leo) which is randomly given amongst the 6 cards and this is the reason I chose HMV over CDJapan.

Hongbion Card HMV Freebie
And boom, I receive this nice Hongbin card (but I really want Leo) which looks like one of the photocard insert from the normal album version I think. I did choose version A because of Leo’s composition Shadow but I feel bad for not ordering also the version B.

CD Cover Design

Back to the album, it uses a dark theme which is different from the previous Japanese album Can’t Say but very much likely with their Korean releases. Also this one reminds of their Voodoo doll album for some reason – I guess because of the smoke effect used. Also the CD design is cool. But is there any standard that Japanses released album must be in jewel case only compared as compared to the Korean ones?

Top - CD, Bottom - DVD
The photos are cool though I am still wondering why or what those hand gestures in the close up pictures stand for.

It includes 11 tracks including some song from the Chained Up album plus the bonus track Shadow composed by Leo for version A (and With Me by Ravi for version B).

1. Depend on me
3. Goodbye your love
4. Chained up -Japanese version
5. Error -Japanese version
6. Love Letter -Japanese version
7. Can't say
8. Spider (KOR)
9. Hot Enough (KOR)
10. Stop it girl (KOR)
11. Heaven (KOR) 

Plus I also got Hongbin’s photocard. Leo must have hated me for I never got him from opening VIXX albums..tsk!

Hongbin Ver A Card

My top picks is Goodbye Your Love and I’ll choose Echo over Depend On Me as it gives me a much better feel on it. Okay, Depend On Me have this strong, fast beat start with dramatic verse sang with in-between strong raps fill in and strong chorus lines – it’s something I’ll learn to like by keeping it on repeat play but not on first time listening. Though, I love how Hyuk got lots of lines on this one.
For the bonus song, Shadow is all about upbeat and fast tempo with a climactic slow bridge. This song reminds me a lot of Eternity and On and On due to similarly the continuous fast tempo. Plus this one is way different from the Leo’s other composition Words To Say.

Overall, the album is good with hints of fresh technique here and there. Though I still prefer previous album and will still be my fave after hearing the full album.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Unboxing: VIXX Albums From Rina

Yay, finally the albums I ordered from Rina are here! I am really excited to open it but is subsides as I saw the white thing sticking out of the package. I feel really bad with how the posters was freaking crushed.  And there's hole on it. :(

Though I don’t posters on walls (as not allowed by my mom), it’s really, really bad seeing posters in bad condition. 

And I was able to finally get a good look at the LR album ordered last September 2015 from her though I am not sure why there’s no poster included even if it is a pre-order. Sigh!

Also the VIXX Chained up album is here and I ordered the Control version for now. The packaging is really cool and good though bigger and bulky compared to the previous releases. Photos are cool and well created for the concept. I got Ken’s contract and Ravi’s card. This makes me wonder what the Freedom version looks like. Should I order that one also?

And there’s couple of cute Yugyeom photos from the donation given for the fan meeting help here though I am not expecting to receive something from that.

 But I’m wondering why the Mark and Junior from the new release star cards are not included. :(

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Yay, New Albums From GDYB Shop

A couple of day ago, took a nice trip to the north of the city to get some goodies from GDYB Shop. Really excited to get the album since it’s been a while since I ordered from Ate Kyo and hopefully I would be able to see her again. Plus I am excited to check who will on the insert from the albums.

newly added for my colkection

First is VIXX’s Live Fantasia Utopia DVD. I wanted to watch this after I have seen their performance after attending this mini concert here. The DVD is quite bulky and heavy by size. But the poster is missing.. I’ll ask Ate Kyo about – might the ladies missed to give it to me.

It has Hongbin’s standee (thus this means I should be back to Hongbin as my bias?!). 

The other album I got is the Mad album by GOT7. This is my first album from the group though I really start liking them after watching the Just Right MV and listening to that album. 

And this one came with Jackson’s card which hopefully I would be able to trade with Junior’s version.

Goot7 Group Card
Most of the albums I bought were through GDYB shop, way even before they got a physical shop. Ate Kyo who is the owner of this shop is really cool and friendly plus the quick responses when asking and/or clarifying details. Generally, all orders were in smooth transaction.

And the bad/good part of visiting the stall is checking other stuffs thus I end up buying some star cards which is not part of my agenda.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Goods From Janekkoshope

After a long wait, I finally have the goodies ordered from Janekkoshope Shop! Though it keeps me wondering why goods bought from the Japan were always a month long of waiting unless ordered from HMV and the likes.. it’s kinda frustrating.

Anyway, I am so excited to open the package even if I have a glimpse of them from the net before. Things are much better if real and near, right?! And this is quite big than my previous orders. The goods were well wrapped inside the box with this white sheet instead of the usual bubble wrap. 
big package
Then they include the U-Kiss and Super Junior flyers on it.
show flyers

VIXX Can’t Say Version B Album, Krunk X Big Bang Cafe Tumbler

The first one I open is the Krunk tumbler for checking – the box is well kept and the tumbler is in good condition. The tumbler is simple and cute though it’s way too simpler compared to the Starbucks tumbler I’ve seen. Also the top is tight thus spillage is not possible when used while traveling. My little one will be happy with this gift!

Next is the VIXX Can’t Say album. I’m quite surprised that it is in crystal case which way a lot different from their bulky Korean releases and the Darkest Angel album (P.S.: this is first Japanese release VIXX album). Also there’s no postcard freebie for pre-orders which I’d really like to have. L

Shop Feedback: The owner is really accommodating and quickly send updates regarding order status. Also this shop is a good place to check on Japanese goods – their specialty. A tip though: she quickly responds via e-mail instead of messages left in their Facebook account.